The Amazing Uses and Benefits of Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus for Every Day Health


Eucalyptus is one of the most loved essential oils, and has many wonderful properties, but is most famous for its sinus decongesting abilities. The oil is pressed from the leaves of the Eucalyptus tree, native to Australia. The oil is cleansing and clarifying for the body, mind, air and home. Eucalyptus oil is also antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, improves mental clarity, and is a pain reliever. It is used in everything from cold and flu decongestants to soaps and shampoos, mouthwashes, creams, as flavoring, insect repellents, in cosmetics, aromatherapy, the list goes on.

There are a few varieties of eucalyptus: globulus, smithiiradiata and dives. The differences between them really come down to their differing aromas. Eucalyptus globulus is the most common variety and has the typical fresh eucalyptus scent. Eucalyptus radiata has many of the same properties as globulus but has a slightly lighter aroma. Because it is gentler, it is the preferred eucalyptus oil for children. Eucalyptus smithii has a slightly woodier, earthier, spicier aroma. It is less aggressive than globulus. Eucalyptus dives is lower in eucalyptol, and may be less irritating for topical applications.

To use eucalyptus to fight off colds, flu and bacteria, inhaling the steam works the best. Simply drop a few drops into a basin of steaming hot water, drape a towel over your head and deeping inhale the aroma. You can also add the oil to a burner, diffuser or humidifier. Try these eucalyptus shower cubes too:


Eucalyptus Melting Shower Cubes

5 - 7 drops eucalyptus essential oil

2 T water

1 c cornstarch

Combine the eucalyptus and cornstarch in a bowl and mix well to form a crumbly powder. Add the water until clumps form. Slowly add more water, drop by drop, until a thick paste forms. Then transfer the paste to an ice cube tray and freeze until the mixture is set. When you want to use the shower cubes, simply place on your shower floor and enjoy the aromas as the shower water melts the cubes. More eucalyptus oil can be added if the scent is not strong enough.

In massage, eucalyptus is a pain reliever, helps get rid of cellulite, revitalizes tired muscles, soothes nervous tension and helps clear the mind. Deeply breathing in the aroma opens up the nasal passages and clears the sinuses.


Eucalyptus Massage Oil

8 drops eucalyptus

8 drops peppermint

8 drops lavender for pain or 5 drops rosemary for sinus relief

14 ml grapeseed oil

44 ml sweet almond oil

Combine all the oils in a glass bottle and shake well. Dispense a small amount into your hand and massage into the affected area.


Eucalyptus Massage Oil for Psoriasis

3 drops eucalyptus

½ c fractionated coconut oil

3 drops oregano oil

Combine the oils in a glass jar. Massage into the affected area. Leave on for 2 hours then rinse off.

Eucalyptus oil is stimulating and nourishing for hair. It is also great for dry, itchy scalp and lice hate it!


Eucalyptus Shampoo for Dry Hair

10 drops eucalyptus

10 drops peppermint

¼ c coconut milk

¼ c liquid castile soap

½ tsp olive oil or almond oil

Combine everything in a glass jar or pump bottle. Shake up and use as needed. Follow up with the apple cider vinegar conditioning rinse.


Eucalyptus Apple Cider Vinegar Conditioning Rinse

6 - 8 drops eucalyptus

1 T apple cider vinegar

1 c water

Dilute the apple cider vinegar in the water, then add the eucalyptus. Massage into hair and let it sit for a few minutes then rinse out.


Shampoo for Lice

3 ml eucalyptus

1 tsp neem oil

2 T shampoo

Mix together and wash hair like normal.


Among its myriad uses, eucalyptus is also good for arthritis, fungal infections, acne, bad breath, asthma, improves circulation with its vasodilator properties and can help bring down a fever. Add it to your homemade soaps, toothpaste or deodorant, or make a purifying room spray by adding a few drops to water in a spray bottle. It's simply a must have in the home.