Mosquito Essential Oil Blend

Essential Oil Blend For Mosquitoes 

Today marks the official start of summer! We’ve had a rather wet spring season (yay for the rain!), and this brings with it the ever pesky mosquitoes which proliferate even more in the summertime warmth. Time to reach for the essential oil blends..

Essential oils repelling mosquitoes and bugs isn’t just a myth, there’s actually a scientific reason why: insects are sensitive to the compound citronellal. You are probably familiar with the scent; it’s found in citronella candles, mozzie sprays, and is actually a component of other essential oils too, not just citronella.

Another compound that repels insects is geraniol, found in its namesake geranium, but also in other oils.

Menthol can also repel insects.

We are blessed with many natural insecticides containing these compounds (and many are indigenous oils too!):  buchuAfrican wormwoodlavendercitronellacedarwoodlemon verbenaeucalyptuspeppermintgeranium and more. 

Lemon eucalyptus is even officially recognised by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention as a mosquito repellent.

With a wealth of insect repelling essential oils at our fingertips, there’s no excuse not to have your own natural mozzie blends at hand. Here is an effective recipe for insect and mozzie repellent:

3 drops  cedarwood (base note to anchor)

3 drops  African wormwood

2 drops  buchu

Round off with 

2 drops  lemon verbena or lemon eucaluptus

2 drops  citronella

Add each oil to a  bottle in the order listed. Shake well to blend the oils together.

To use the essential oil blend as a diffuser blend, add 4-5 drops to burner and allow the scent to fill up the room. It should dispel mosquitoes and insects.

Skin oil option:

Add 15ml of  carrier oil to the bottle, and shake well. Massage it directly into exposed areas of skin to deter mosquitoes.

Body cream option:

Add a few drops of the essential oil blend straight to your lotion/cream and slather on.

You can use a cream you already have at home, or try this great  base cream which is ideal for adding essential oils to.