Happy Faces Buttermilk Face Mask

Happy Faces Buttermilk Facial 

This divine little facial mask is perfect for soothing tired or stressed skin, and is ideal for sun burnt skin too. If your skin needs a little reviving after the holidays, this is it!

The ingredients in this facial all work together to help the skin regain its natural glow. Buttermilk powder is soothing and conditioning, and naturally contains some lactic acid (an alpha hydroxy acid, which is excellent for skin). Rose clay softly cleanses and exfoliates, and biosaccharide gum assists in rebalancing the skin’s microbiome. I've left some room in the formula for some additional actives if you would like to add them, otherwise simply use more buttermilk power.


Happy Faces Buttermilk Facial

20% buttermilk powder

66%  rose water or other  hydrosol, or you could use water

4%  pink clay

8%  biosaccharide gum

2% other water-based actives of choice, or simply use more buttermilk

Beaker or  small mixing basin

Spatula spoon

Weigh and mix all ingredients together in a beaker. Get a soft brush and apply a generous amount to clean skin. It will dry like a normal clay mask, so once this starts to happen, rinse off with water. You can reapply another round if you like.

Tip: this facial mask is super nice if you chill it in the fridge for an hour before applying!

Note: this mask is not intended to have a shelf life. Use it up on the same day.

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