Exfoliating Scalp Gel For Dry Scalp

Exfoliating Scalp Gel 

I’ve recently been on a mission to give my scalp, which is also skin, as much love as the rest of my skin gets. Hands up, how many of us are neglecting our scalps?

I’ve always had dry and sensitive skin, and this extends to my scalp too. Dry, itchy scalp, especially in winter, has led me down a path of exploration and experimentation. While researching innovative scalp products, I came across a pre-poo scalp gel. It’s a gel that you massage into your scalp a few minutes before normal hair washing. And this got my formulation motors running!

This scalp gel contains AHAs and salicylic acid, and you leave it on your scalp like a quick mask before rinsing out when washing your hair.

This scalp gel is absolutely jam packed with amazing ingredients:

Salicylic acid and lactic acid work together to exfoliate and remove dry, itchy scalp.

Inulin is a prebiotic that will help to balance your scalp’s microbiome.

Hydrolyzed protein and keratin give your follicles the nourishment and strength they need.

Panthenol acts as a conditioner.

The list goes on!

Exfoliating Scalp Gel

10%  propanediol

1%  salicylic acid

69% water (warm water is best), or you can use   aloe vera gel or a herbal infusion

1%  xanthan gum

2%  inulin

10%  OliveM 300

3%  lactic acid

2%  hydrolyzed protein and/or  keratin

0.5%  panthenol

1%  Geogard 221

0.5% essential oils:  rosemarypeppermint etc



pH test strips or pH meter



Blend the salicylic acid and the propanediol together in a beaker and set aside. You may require some gentle heat to get the salicylic acid to dissolve completely.

In another beaker combine the xanthan and inulin together, then add the OliveM 300 and the salicylic acid solution. Blend together to create a slurry then add in the water and mix gently by hand until a smooth gel is formed. 

Next add the lactic acid and stir to combine. Then add in the rest of the ingredients one by one.

Test the pH to around 5.

How to use:

Apply to dry or damp scalp, and massage in well. Allow to sit for 5-10 minutes, then shampoo your hair to wash out.

Follow up with conditioner and a hair/scalp serum.