DIY Body Oil

DIY Body Oil


Body oils have a real luxury element to them, even though they are simply just oils blended together. Pour into a pretty bottle and you have a striking gift that is also unique - sure to be enjoyed and appreciated!

For the base oil blend, follow this ratio:

67% (or ⅔) light oils: apricot kernel, grapeseed oil, almond oil and/or safflower oil

20% luxury oils: pomegranate, rosehip, evening primrose, marula oil, argan oil, meadowfoam, etc

1% Vitamin E oil

10% OliveM300 to make it water soluble otherwise just leave out and substitute for a light oil such as almond oil.

2% essential oil/blend: try clary sage, lavender, geranium, frankincense, sweet orange, cinnamon bark, chamomile, rose blend, cardamom or any other oil of your choosing.


Choose a blend of the carrier oils above and mix in your essential oil blend into a 100ml bottle. Add a ribbon or a label for a special touch. Store in a cool place. To use, massage in a small amount all over the body.


Rosey Pomegranate Luxury Body Oil

60% light oil blend: 30ml safflower oil, 30ml almond oil

20% luxury oil blend: 5ml pomegranate, 10ml rosehip, 5ml evening primrose

1% Vitamin E oil

10% OliveM300  or substitute for an additional light oil

2% essential oil blend, try rose to go with the theme, or perhaps something warm and spicy such as cardamom or cinnamon bark

Optional: dried rosehips and dried rose petals

100ml bottle

Blend everything together in a bottle and shake gentle to combine. For a special touch, drop dried rosehips and rose petals into the bottle. They will give a pretty look and diffuse colour into the oil.


An exquisiste gift that Mom will adore, handmade with love in about 5 minutes.