Easy Nail & Cuticle Oil Blends

Easy Nail & Cuticle Oil Blends


Whether your nails and cuticles are feeling a tad dry from too much dish washing, chlorine pool water, hot showers or just the weather, an easy solution is to whip up a nourishing nail and cuticle oil. Made with just a handful of easy-to-come-by ingredients, you can start to reap the benefits in a matter of minutes.


Many conventional cuticle oils contain fragrances, alcohol and sometimes even parabens and other ugly chemicals. Thankfully, making your own natural cuticle oil is so easy! We love using 100% natural carrier oils, powerful Vitamin E oil as well as essential oils that can strengthen, heal and protect against bacteria and infection. Massaging your cuticles and nails can increase circulation and stimulate healthy nail growth too. And any excess oil can simply be massaged into your face and skin as a skin oil!



Use a  roll on bottlepipette bottle or  nail polish bottle for easy application. A roll on bottle can also help to stimulate circulation.


You can use any carrier oil but our favourite options are:  arganavocadoapricotrosehipgrapeseed or  jojoba. These are all common skin oils but are ultra nourishing for nails and cuticles too. 

Well known as a hair oil,  argan oil is wonderfully nourishing and conditioning, which makes it perfect to use on your nails and cuticles.

Rosehip oil contains Vitamins A, C and E and is known as the anti aging oil. It also contains linoleic and alpha linoleic acids.

Grapeseed has vitamins C, D and E as well as fatty acids which help fight premature aging. It is surprisingly cost effective considering all the benefits!

In the essential oil department, again, you can use pretty much any one, but here are a few really effective oils for nails and cuticles. Additionally your hands will smell gorgeous and essential oils have aromatherapy benefits.

Myrrh essential oil is excellent for nails and skin - it is healing and strengthens skin cells. It blends well with  frankincensechamomile and  lavender, all of which are also excellent for skin, healing and antibacterial. These oils are all highly beneficial aromatherapy oils, helping to calm and ground the emotions.

Carrot seed oil is also great as it is packed with vitamins A and E, provitamin A and beta carotene; it helps restore dry and cracked skin. It does have a somewhat off-putting rooty, vegetable-like aroma so don’t use it on its own but rather combine it with another scented essential oil.

Tea tree and  cypress are antibacterial. Cypress is used in aromatherapy to calm, soothe and dissolve away anger.

Lemon oil helps to strengthen nails and has a lovely fresh scent. It is also an adaptogen essential oil.


Nail & Cuticle Oil Blends

Moisturising Serum

1 tsp  jojoba oil

1 tsp  Vitamin E oil

½ tsp  avocado oil

½ tsp  grapeseed oil

Essential oils of your choice


Add all ingredients to a roller bottle and shake to combine. Apply to cuticles 2-3 times a day. Apply to nails for a nice varnished look and to moisturise the nail beds. Massage cuticles to stimulate circulation and promote healthy growth. Apply after washing hands to prevent dryness.


Strengthening Serum

15ml carrier oil(s) of choice

2 drops  myrrh

2 drops  carrot seed

2 drops  lemon

2 drops  cypress

5 drops  Vitamin E oil


Add all ingredients to a roller bottle and shake to combine. Apply to cuticles 2-3 times a day to moisturise and strengthen nails and cuticles.


Protective Nail Salve

Another super easy nail and cuticle moisturising salve involves the use of  lanolin, which provides a protective barrier for the skin and is extremely moisturising against dryness. Here is the recipe:

A few drops of essential oils of your choice

½ tsp  lanolin


Mix together and apply to your nails, massaging in. Let the protective barrier work its magic.


Nail health certainly doesn’t need to be a hack with these super easy nail and cuticle blends. These bottles are small enough to pop in a handbag, and also make thoughtful stocking fillers if you are looking for gift ideas. Here's to strong, healthy nails!

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