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Nautica Vitamin A Palmitate (Retinyl palmitate)

Nautica Vitamin A Palmitate (Retinyl palmitate)

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INCI: Retinyl palmitate

Vitamin A palmitate or retinyl palmitate, is a part of the retinoid family. Vitamin A is vitally important at a cellular level as it plays a role in metabolic processes, influencing our skin cells to function in a healthier and more youthful way.

Once in our skin, retinyl palmitate is converted to retinoic acid where it is able to make changes on a cellular level. It promotes skin cell turnover, improves skin tone, unclogs pores, stimulates collagen production, and counteracts the appearance of dry flaky skin.

Vitamin A palmitate works synergistically with Vitamins C and E, and ferulic acid.

Size: 20ml.

This product is certified: Vegan.

  • Speeds up healing
  • Helps prevent breakouts
  • Improves the appearance of pigmentation
  • Promotes healthy collagen and elastin formation
  • Gently exfoliating over time and unclogs pores
  • Promotes skin cell turnover, improving skin tone
  • Not tested on animals
  • Vegan friendly
  • An antioxidant
  • Alternative to bakuchiol oil

Use at night, as it can increase sensitivity to the sun. Wear sunscreen during the day.

Apply Vitamin A to clean skin, then top it with a moisturiser. It can be used every night, even for those with sensitive skins.

Can be used directly on skin, or diluted in a carrier oil. Can also be added to formulations during the cool down phase at 0.5%.

Oil soluble.

Typical usage rate: 0.5%.

Vitamin A-Palmitate 1.0 Mio IU/G dissolved in sunflower oil and stabilized with tocopherol.

It is best to apply Vitamin A products at night and then good SPF during the day, as skin can be photosensitive after Vit A application.

Avoid using with salicylic or glycolic acid, as these may irritate sensitive skins.

Avoid using if pregnant or breastfeeding. Consult your doctor.

This natural product is for external use only. Please exercise caution and do not ingest or take internally. Store away from children, animals, sunlight and heat.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Received my order today and am very excited to start using it. Great service. Thank you


The most incredible product, I have tried MANY expensive skincare ranges and this Vit A oil by far has changed my skin. No more dark pigmentation, almost completely gone!

I'm happy with the product

I'm so happy with this product. I have hyperpigmentation and have tried many products with no improvement.It took only 4 days for me to start seeing results.