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Essentially Natural

Essentially Natural Hazelnut Oil (Refined)

Sizes: 30ml, 50ml, 100ml, 500ml, 1L.

Essentially Natural Hazelnut is less greasy and more easily absorbed than other carrier oils making it perfect for massage therapy. Suitable for all skin types it can be used on its own or blended with essential oils.


    • Known for its astringent qualities
    • Deeply penetrating
    • Stimulating to the circulatory system.
    • Helps to tone and tighten mature skin
    • Aids in skin regeneration
    • Applicable for all skin types
    • Absorbs quickly


    100% pure Corylus avellana (Hazelnut oil)


    • Refrigeration after opening is recommended
    • Always store away from direct sunlight and heat to preserve its therapeutic properties

    Please note: product images are for illustrative purposes and may differ slightly from the actual product.



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