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Essentially Natural

Essentially Natural Pure Castile Liquid Soap Base

Essentially Natural Pure Castile Liquid Soap Base

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Liquid Castile soap is a “green” cleaning product that offers a real ecological solution. It's 100 % biodegradable, free of synthetic preservatives and is based on renewable resources. Castile soap causes absolutely no harm to the environment and no harm you or your family's health.

This Castile liquid soap base is 100% natural, made from saponified vegetable oils and it contains no fragrances, colourants or preservatives.

Quick Guide To Working With Bases

Sizes: 100ml, 200ml, 500ml, 1L, 5L or 10L.

This product is certified: Vegan and Beauty Without Cruelty.

Use for 'make your own' shampoos, body care and toothpaste products

It requires just the simple addition of your preferred essential oils.

  • Made from organic, saponified vegetable oils
  • Ideal for babies, the ill or elderly as well as delicate skin types
  • Safe for after-radiology use
  • 100% pure and natural ingredients
  • Uniquely South African
  • 100 % biodegradable
  • No fragrances
  • No colourants
  • No preservatives
  • It is the #1 essential in an organically clean home and natural home cleaning solutions.

Basic Shampoo Recipe

¾ c pure castile soap or shampoo base

¼ c aloe vera gel

1 tsp jojoba oil

½ - 1 tsp sweet almond oil (optional for dry hair)

50-60 drops of your choice of essential oils

Glass bottle or Pump bottle

Combine the aloe vera, carrier oil(s) and essential oils mixing thoroughly. Then add the castile soap and shake well to combine. Use as needed you can also follow up with an apple cider vinegar rinse for best results. Please note this is not a super foamy shampoo, but it will cleanse your hair.

With this recipe you are able to substitute in any combination of essential oils depending on your preference. You can also use any other mentioned carrier oil in place of the jojoba oil. Read more on shampoo making 101 on our blog.

Aqua, Potassium Oleate (from organic sunflower oil), Potassium Cocoate (from organic coconut oil), Glycerin (organic origin), Atlantic sea salt

Ingredient transparency: data sheets or COA available on request, or log in to view.

For Your Safety

This natural product is for external use only. Please exercise caution and do not ingest or take internally. Store away from children, animals, sunlight and heat. If pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult with your medical care-giver before use.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Tebogo M.
Castile Soap

I was expecting a gold thick liquid and I found this to be light in colour. I wanted to make baby body wash with it and I am struggling but the product itself is great on it’s own but I will keep trying. In fact I will try your shampoo formula and give feedback

Castile liquid soap base

Great product!!!!! Was searching high and low for a good quality Castile Soap and i found it!!!!!!!

Thank you for great product and great service!!!!!

Great for making liquid hand soap.

This Castile liquid soap is perfect for making my own liquid hand soap which is free of parabens and petro chemicals.

7 B.F.
Essentially Natural Liquid Castille Soap Base

I was born with an immensely sensitive skin and developed Eczema during my growing years. I have spent large sums of monies purchasing both bar and liquid soaps, some of which, intensified my skin problems!

In sheer desperation, I ordered the Essentially Natural Liquid Castile Soap Base.

Within 4 weeks after using the Essentially Natural Liquid Castile Soap Base, what a magical transformation took place!

I was overwhelmed with joy as my skin had started improving and within 6 weeks to date I no longer suffer from irritated, itchy, dry skin skin since using the Essentially Natural Liquid Castile Soap Base.

Decanting the Essentially Natural Liquid Castile Soap Base into Pump Bottles is so convenient, and, to which I add a few drops of my aromatic Essential Oils of choice!

Carike M.

Loved the products but môre the service