Christmas Pudding Scrub

Christmas Pudding Scrub


We all love a DIY scrub; they’re easy to make and fun to use, and make thoughtful gifts. This scrub puts a spin on the old sugar scrub, by using orange peel powder as a gentle exfoliant, and making use of a variety of natural scents to make a scrub that smells like a cross between a fruit cake and a chocolate pudding!


Cocoa butter and coconut oil make up the anhydrous base, while cacao powder, spices and bay rum essential oil make up the bulk of the scent and add very light exfoliation. Orange peel powder adds some more scrub factor and the citrus scent cuts the sweetness of the chocolate. Overall, it's a combination that evokes holiday time and delicious pudding! It leaves the skin feeling ultra soft and moisturised, with a lingering scent. 


This scrub makes a luxuriously pampering gift for someone special, or simply gift it to yourself!


Christmas Pudding Scrub

20g  cocoa butter

5g  honey

5g  cacao powder

25g  fractionated coconut oil

10g  orange peel powder - you can use more or less depending on how exfoliating you want your scrub to be.

0.5g  Euxyl 940 - while a preservative isn’t technically necessary in an anhydrous formulation, because scrubs are likely to come into contact with wet fingers or moist bathroom environments, we like to add a preservative.

Shake of  cinnamon powder

Shake of mixed spice

Bay rum essential oil - not strictly necessary, but it really rounds off  the scent

250ml beaker

Electric beater


Melt the cocoa butter in the beaker and add in the fractionated coconut oil, mixing together. Add in the cocoa powder, honey, spices and the preservative. Put the mixture in the fridge for 10 mins to slightly set up. Don’t let it set completely but let it solidify a little. Then remove from the fridge and beat it until fluffy with an electric mixer. I attached only one beater and then inserted it into the beaker. Once fluffy, fold in the orange peel powder exfoliant and the essential oil. Decant into a pretty jar or tin and enjoy!


You can double up the recipe if you like. And this scrub is gentle enough for use on the face and body.

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