Transforming the garden at MES Durbanville

We're thrilled to share that one of our long-standing Outreach Partners, Durbanville MES (Mould Empower Serve), will soon enjoy a fabulous new-and-improved garden!

We’ve walked quite a journey with Franita Knudsen (Marketing Manager, MES Durbanville) and her sensational team already, starting with our incredibly successful market day and “Knittathon” back in 2021. Since then, we have come to love their humble abode in Queen Street, Durbanville, ever watched over and protected by an enormous 150 year old eucalyptus tree.

Sadly, this iconic tree is no more… Last year, after heavy rainfall and multiple storms, the tree fell over, crushing a big pergola on its way down. Suddenly, the MES garden became a barren, shadeless space.

But fear not! With the power of community and a whole lot of determination, we're turning that tale of woe into one of wonder. Work to completely revamp the garden is already underway: We’ve joined forces with our favourite builder extraordinaire, Pieter from De Smit Eksklusiewe Strukture, diving headfirst into a massive project that's as meaningful as it is green.

The new pergola is up, thanks to Willie Reyneke and his fabulous team! Not only is it standing tall and proud, but it's also providing some much-needed shade – a precious commodity in the scorching Durbanville sun.

Below this shelter, we’ve lain a lovely crusher dust surface that creates a versatile, functional outdoor gathering space for the MES team to continue their worthy work. The garden that borders this space is also already underway (thank you for the gorgeous plants, Pieter!) — soon it will be transformed into a cool, lush and inviting oasis.

Once we are able to finally clear the humungous stump of the fallen tree (do you know someone that can help?!), a fire pit with seating will be added here. This will be a game changer for this space, providing warmth and comfort to the destitute on cold winter’s nights.

Around the corner, a second crusher dust surface will be created to serve as a small soccer pitch, alongside an idyllic patch of artificial lawn under the remaining tree. This will all be flanked by hardy plants and shrubs and of course, trees! Finally, we would like to add various seating options scattered throughout the garden, ensuring there's a spot for everyone to sit back, relax, and soak in the beauty of this transformed space.

We are beyond excited at the prospect of turning this space into an area that is both functional and inviting. After all, this isn't just about planting flowers or laying down turf. It's about creating a sanctuary – a place where the community can come together, connect, and find solace in nature's embrace.

Stay tuned as we continue to sprinkle a little magic and a whole lot of love into MES's garden. Together, we're not just greening spaces; we're nurturing souls!

community greening project at MES durbanville 001
Above: Throwback to what the MES garden looked like last year. Just look at that stunning tree and all the shade it provided!
community greening project at MES durbanville 002
Devastation... Only a giant stump remains.
community greening project at MES durbanville 003
Goodbye pergola. Goodbye shade.
community greening project at MES durbanville 004
The new pergola looks fabulous! We opted for a heavier shade cloth to provide better shade cover and even a bit of protection from rain.
community greening project at MES durbanville 005
Laying the brick edges for the artificial lawn.
community greening project at MES durbanville 006
The area under the pergola will soon be covered with crusher dust.
community greening project at MES durbanville 007
Crusher dust in. Let the greening begin!
community greening project at MES durbanville 008
What an immediate, dramatic effect!

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