The One Percent Movement


What is The One Percent Movement

In keeping with our company’s values, we are proud to announce our new initiative called  One Percent Movement. We call on others to join us in giving back to our communities, empowering those in need and being the change.

Leading by example, we vow to every month donate 1% of our monthly turnover towards select non-profit organisations, charities or community projects.

The logic behind the One Percent Movement is simple: If we all nurture a culture of giving, kindness and support, the community as a whole will grow stronger and healthier. Whether your 1% is pocket change or thousands is not what’s important. Imagine if ten businesses or individuals donated R100 on a regular basis. Every little bit helps, and change has the potential to inspire more change.

Change also comes in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Apart from having the resources to aid a non-profit with a monetary donation, many businesses and individuals can offer support in the form of exposure. How little does it take from us to tag a worthy cause or share their story on social media, thereby affording them the opportunity to be seen by a larger audience.

To teach a man to fish is also much more valuable than simply giving him a fish… Our knowledge can and should be passed on to help empower our community. Coming back to that idea of creating a culture of giving, kindness and support: If we freely share our knowledge and experience, we may be rewarded by receiving the same in return. After all, we all have something to teach, and something to learn!

In the future, we hope to build a network of like-minded, open-hearted people, who wish - like us - to uplift rather than surpass their peers. People that wish to empower their community and reach a collective goal of wellbeing and prosperity. People that know that good inspires more good!

Please consider donating towards our valuable work:

The One Percent Movement
FNB 62924632749 (Gold Business)
Branch: 250655
Swift code: FIRNZAJJ

If you would like more information on our current projects or want to get involved, please contact Juanita Berry:
073 274 1915