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August was Women’s Month: a time to be inspired by extraordinary women doing extraordinary things. In case you missed it, we had the privilege to meet with Great Girls this month - read more about their fantastic programme here.

During our research to find our next Outreach Partner for the One Percent Movement, we were reminded once again that even small things can have a tremendous impact.

One such small thing, that so many of us take for granted (and that society sadly tends to brush under the carpet!) is access to sanitary products.

There are around 7 000 000 girls in South Africa between the ages 13 to 19. These girls are school-going and are of course menstruating. Statistics show that 4 000 000 of these girls do not have regular access to sanitary products. This leads to an absenteeism of 25% per year, which is in fact one week every month! One can only imagine the negative knock-on effect that this has on these girls’ education…

These staggering statistics so inspired Sue Barnes, that she created Subz. This Natal-based company manufactures eco-friendly, washable pads, that contain no chemicals or gels and they clip onto a 100% cotton panty.

Sue’s story is truly inspiring, and her product is not only better for the planet, but also life-changing for the girls that now have access to a sanitary kit that can last them three to five  years!

Essentially Natural Outreach purchased 22 of these kits that we will distribute to local, underprivileged girls - more about that later this year.

How can one not be inspired by this small thing that motivated a great woman to make a difference in the lives of  thousands!


You can read more about their story on their website, or follow them on Facebook.

subz sanitary products

subz sanitary products

subz sanitary products


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