Last winter, our Knittathon and beanie drive in aid of Durbanville MES exceeded our expectations. We were joined by knitters and crocheters from all over the country, whose skilful hands and compassionate hearts came together to create a wave of warmth and comfort!

Inspired by last year's triumph, we are thrilled to announce our latest initiative, where once again, we reached out to our remarkable team of knitters to extend their generosity to various other non-profit organisations.

Our knitters outdid themselves yet again: Adorable mini beanies, booties, jerseys and blankets were created for Bless a Baby, to add to their nappy bags that are donated to underprivileged mommies in hospital; joyfully colourful beanies were donated to Durbanville MES, keeping the homeless warm during this unforgiving winter; a collection of beanies, jerseys and blankets were entrusted to a few of the soup kitchens in Fisantekraal, who in turn passed them out to members of their community; some stunning blankets were donated to Aristea Home for the Elderly in Durbanville, to warm and comfort their most vulnerable residents; and Rea Joubert created the most charming doggie jackets, to the great delight of Fisantekraal Animal Welfare.

Words cannot express the gratitude we feel for each and every one of our knitters. Their selflessness and willingness to use their talents for the greater good are a true testament to the power of community and compassion. The warmth they have woven into every stitch not only provides physical comfort but also serves as a reminder to those who receive these gifts that they are seen, valued, and cared for.

As we continue on our mission to make a difference, we recognise that it is the spirit of giving and the dedication of individuals like our knitters that fuels the heart of The One Percent Movement.

To our incredible knitters, we say thank you! Please know that your passion, kindness, and creativity have forever touched the lives of those you have helped, and we are honoured to stand alongside you in this journey. One stitch at a time!


Would you like to knit with us?
Contact us to join our Whatsapp group: Corinne 076 3212 756

knitwear donation 001

This stunning knitwear was created with love and sent from all over South Africa!

knitwear donation 002

One of the gorgeous blankets donated to Aristea Home for the Elderly, sure to bring warmth and comfort!

knitwear donation 003

A box full of beanies for the homeless under the care of Durbanville MES.

knitwear donation 004

This lovely blanket was specially hand-made for Aletta, who runs a soup kitchen in Fisantekraal. How lovely that the ladies that made it wanted to show appreciation and love for someone that works tirelessly behind the scenes, feeding and uplifting her community!

knitwear donation 005

Aletta and members from her community, showing off the incredible knitwear that she distributed amongst them.


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