Inspiring a love for reading: Fisantekraal Primary reading corners

92% of families in South Africa own less than 10 books.

A truly shocking statistic, especially coupled with the research showing that a child that is not read to at home has a million words less in their vocabulary, than the child that is read to.

Therefore, we thought it essential to create reading corners in the five grade 1 classes of Fisantekraal Primary school, where earlier this year we donated much-needed stationery. In the past, the only books that these classrooms had, were supplied by the teachers out of their own pockets.

Our reading corner project paved the way to one of our most amazing experiences of the past year, proving yet again the innate kindness of humanity.

Since the grade one learners do “floor work” as part of their curriculum and the classes had no carpets, it made sense to us that this needed to be rectified.

The Carpet City Factory Shop in Parow, has a wide range of beautiful carpets. Even at their affordable prices, our limited budget meant that purchasing five carpets - large enough to accommodate a class of 40 children - was challenging…

Ainsley, the wonderful shop assistant that helped me, went out of his way to procure the best possible price for us. When the owner heard who the carpets were for, he gave us a super generous discount without hesitation!

I was about to pay, when dear Ainsley insisted that he would like to contribute R500 of his own money towards the project! I was astonished at the kindness of this young millennial… When the young receptionist announced that she would pay half of Ainsley’s vowed contribution, my jaw dropped. Could this day get any better?!

With the lovely carpets literally in the bag, we then took the head of the grade one’s shopping for books at the Durbanville Children’s Home. They have a fabulous second-hand bookstore, with money raised funding their worthy work.

Elsabe Uys kindly donated the bookshelves after a big home “spring clean” and The Happy Struggling Artist donated five South African Animal Alphabet posters to decorate the reading corners.

Kitted out with carpets, bookshelves, books and educational posters, the reading corners are now a safe haven where children can explore the wonderful world of books. Hopefully, a small step in the right direction towards battling those terrible statistics, and inspiring young minds to fall in love with reading!


carpet city factory shop parow staff

The dream team at the Carpet City Factory shop, that helped to make our reading corners happen. THANK YOU!!!

fisantekraal primary reading corner outreach project 001

Juanita and Isabel, the head of the grade one's, kitting out the pretty bookshelves with loads of books!

fisantekraal primary reading corner outreach project 002

fisantekraal primary reading corner outreach project 003

These South African animal alphabet posters are such a great, educational addition to the reading corners!

fisantekraal primary reading corner outreach project 005

fisantekraal primary reading corner outreach project 004

Just look at that stunning carpet!!!

fisantekraal primary reading corner outreach project 006

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