With a rollercoaster year fast coming to an end, we often forget to look back at the road we’ve walked (sometimes crawled!) and show our appreciation for the people that held our hand along the way.

We were so pleased to be able to gift a small token of our appreciation to the Seven Pillars of Fisantekraal: Seven remarkable women who run soup kitchens in the areas of Fisantekraal and Greenville.

Aletta, Nellie, Maria, Antoinette, Doekies and Jackie (Maggie could unfortunately not make it) were clearly bubbling with anticipation when we collected them from their homes. To ensure that this treat was even more special, we did not tell the ladies where we were going. Most likely, they expected us to gather at the lovely Essentially Natural premises again, like we did last year…

When we unexpectedly turned off the main road and passed through the gates of the gorgeous Groot Phesantekraal Restaurant, our cars literally shook with squeals of excitement! This would be a first time visit to this beautiful establishment for most of these women, who live right on its doorstep.

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee mingled with the delectable scent of baked goods, setting the stage for a memorable occasion. As the delicious breakfast commenced, the stories began to unfold, and tears of joy and pride glistened in the eyes of both the guests and the organisers. Listening to the ladies share their experiences and challenges tugged at everyone's heartstrings, but it also ignited a renewed sense of purpose within each person present. The struggles faced in Fisantekraal and Greenville were no longer distant tales but heartfelt realities that demanded action and support.

These inspiring ladies - true unsung heroes - selflessly dedicate their time and effort to nourish the bodies and souls of those less fortunate. Above and beyond that, we recognise that these ladies' work extends far beyond feeding hungry mouths; they are beacons of hope, symbols of resilience, and pillars of strength in their communities. Despite their own challenges, they stand tall, inspiring others to rise above adversity and unite to create a brighter future. These women deserve to be valued and seen for this unwavering dedication to their communities.

Their actions exemplify the true essence of humanity—of giving, loving, and sharing with those in need. They remind us that each one of us holds the power to be a catalyst for change, no matter how small our contribution may seem.

Now, we look towards the future and the journey we hope to still walk with these amazing women: The One Percent Movement vows to continue assisting and celebrating these soup kitchens, and even more so the individual women at the helm.

Together, we can uplift one another and create a world where love and warmth triumph over despair and poverty. As we work hand in hand, let us remember that it only takes one percent of our effort, time, or resources to make a difference in someone else's life.

soup kitchen appreciation breakfast fisantekraal 01

"Tannie" Nellie, showing off her fabulous outfit, and her fabulous personality!

soup kitchen appreciation breakfast fisantekraal 02

There is never a dull moment with this vibrant group of ladies...!

soup kitchen appreciation breakfast fisantekraal 03

The charming Groot Phesantekraal Restaurant was well worth the visit! Delicious food, and their friendly staff treated us like royalty!

soup kitchen appreciation breakfast fisantekraal 04

From left to right: Juanita from our team, Aletta, Maria, Nellie, Jackie, Antoinette and Doekies.


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