A partnership to equip Fisantekraal Primary's kitchen

We recently joined forces with Kenridge Primary School and PSG Financial Services to extend a helping hand to Fisantekraal Primary's kitchen. We are so proud and elated that this partnership has resulted in the donation of two much-needed stainless steel tables and a trolley, as well as an amazing dish-drying trolley. Our heartfelt thanks to Nuraan Naidoo from PSG and Claudell Müller from Kenridge! These essential additions will significantly enhance the kitchen's ability to provide meals to their nearly 1000 students.

The significance of these generous donations cannot be overstated, especially for kitchen that caters to such a large number of hungry learners. The school kitchen serves as a vital source of nourishment for these children, many of whom come from impoverished backgrounds. Prior to the donation, the kitchen faced significant challenges due to the lack of working surfaces. The oversized pots required to cook for so many students were difficult to manage without appropriate tables, hindering the kitchen's efficiency and capacity. However, thanks to the benevolence of Kenridge Primary School and PSG Financial Services, the kitchen now has the necessary infrastructure to operate smoothly and provide nutritious meals more efficiently.

The importance of sustenance for a growing, learning child cannot be emphasised enough. For many of these students, the meals served at the kitchen might be the only reliable source of nutrition they receive throughout the day. Proper nourishment is not only crucial for their physical well-being but also plays a pivotal role in their cognitive development and ability to concentrate in class.

With the new stainless steel tables, trolley and dish-drying facility in place, the kitchen can continue to be a beacon of hope for these children, ensuring they receive the sustenance they need to thrive academically and beyond. By addressing the immediate needs of Fisantekraal Primary's kitchen, this partnership sets an inspiring example of how simple acts of generosity can create a ripple effect of positive change for those in need. Together, we have not only filled the kitchen with essential equipment but also filled the hearts of the students and staff with gratitude and hope for a brighter future.

fisantekraal primary school soup kitchen outreach 001

The brand new stainless steel tables provide a much needed working surface - something that was completely missing before.

fisantekraal primary school soup kitchen outreach 002

fisantekraal primary school soup kitchen outreach 003

Before this fabulous dish-drying trolley arrived, handling the thousands of plates was more than challenging - it was simply impossible!

fisantekraal primary school soup kitchen outreach 004

The behind-the-scenes champions of the Fisantekraal Primary School's kitchen: Elzeth, Christina, Claudia and Elize. These four women work tirelessly to cook and serve wholesome, tasty meals to almost 1000 children, twice a day. We take our hats off to you, ladies! Thank you for going above and beyond (and always with a smile, no less!).


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