Cheerful Essential Oil Blends For Spring

Cheerful Essential Oil Blends For Spring

Spring has finally arrived! To get into the spring spirit we’ve created some simple but stunning essential oil blend combinations using fruit and flower oils. Refresh your home and office with a burst of florals and citrus, guaranteed to chase away the winter blues and brighten moods. 

The essential oils that evoke springtime for us are  clary sagerosejasminelavendergeraniumylang ylanglemonlimeorange and  grapefruitbergamotrosemary and  chamomile, as well as fresh herbals such as  thymebasil and  lemongrass. Interestingly, most of these oils also blend really well together, so you can have fun with endless combinations.

Citrus and floral oils blend particularly well together. Try this simple combination of citrus fruits and geranium:

2 drops  lemon

2 drops  grapefruit

2 drops  geranium


Mojito Blend - a refreshing oil blend reminiscent of minty fresh summer beverages..

2 drops  lime

2 drops  grapefruit

2 drops  mandarin

2 drops  spearmint


Relax & Unwind

3 drops  grapefruit

3 drops  orange

2 drops  lemon

1 drop  bergamot



2 drops  black pepper

2 drops  lime

2 drops  orange

2 drops  frankincense


Allergy Soother Blends

Unfortunately spring often brings with it some allergies and hay fever. Essential oils can help ease symptoms of allergies and hay fever. You can read more on essential oil blends for allergies here:  Essential Oil Blends For Sinus & Allergies

Here is a breakdown of oils that can help ease symptoms:

lemon - an adaptogen, a natural antihistamine, clears sinus and congestion, anti inflammatory, antibacterial

eucalyptus - soothes symptoms of sinus and respiratory issues, promotes easier breathing, anti inflammatory

peppermint - alleviates congestion, soothes coughs, inflammation, clears sinuses and promotes easier breathing

tea tree - antimicrobial, anti inflammatory

rosemary - antibacterial and antifungal properties, antihistamine, clears throat and nasal passages

lavender - an adaptogen, anti inflammatory, antihistamine, calming, eases coughs and congestion

helichrysum - healing and anti inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, can help ease congestion

chamomile - excellent for allergies, soothing and calming, anti inflammatory

thyme - eases coughs and congestion, antiseptic and antibacterial, energy boosting

basil - antibacterial, antiviral, eases congestion and respiratory issues, relief from headaches and pain, anti inflammatory


Allergy Blends


3 drops  lavender

3 drops  lemon

3 drops  peppermint


2 drops  helichrysum

2 drops  lemon

2 drops  lavender

2 drops  chamomile

Fight Congestion

2 drops  rosemary

2 drops  basil

2 drops  lavender

1 drop  eucalyptus


Tip: make up little  bottles of essential oil blends, label them and then when you need them they are ready made and you just need to add a few drops to your  burner or diffuser.


Aromatherapy Bath Blend

Take 5 drops of any of the above blends and combine with 2 tablespoons of jojoba oil and a quarter cup of  Epsom salts (or  Himalayan salt) and add to your bath water for a relaxing soak.