Gentle Winter Facewash

Gentle Winter Facewash


This recipe makes for a lovely gentle cleanser that smells delicious! Just mix the ingredients well and pour into a small spray bottle or pump bottle.

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Hi Maja, in this case castile soap is acting as the cleanser and emulsifier. If you want a surfactant based face wash please go here:


Hi, does this recipe need a surfactant to blend the oil and water? if i was making a larger quantity how much surfactant would i use?

Thank you


Hi Mashaba, unfortunately we can’t alter the pH of castile soap as it is a soap not a surfactant. Only surfactants and detergents can have their pH values altered. Soaps such as castile do not work that way.


Does this recipe not require citric acid to lower the ph of the castile soap?


Good morning Yolanda, because the recipe is based on castile soap, no preservative was necessary as the soap keeps itself. But if you are wanting to make a large quantity you may add in a preservative to increase shelf life. I would recommend Geogard 221, which is used at a ratio of 1-2% of the total recipe. Add it to the rosewater before blending everything together.