Watch: How To Make A Natural Mint & Rosemary Shampoo

Source: Formula Botanica


Did you know that it's easy to make your own natural shampoo at home? In this video guide, you can follow the process of making a refreshing and invigorating mint and rosemary shampoo that will leave your hair feeling clean and healthy.

What are the benefits of using a natural shampoo?

Commercial shampoos often contain sulfates, parabens, and other harmful ingredients that can strip your hair of its natural oils and cause damage in the long run. This natural shampoo, on the other hand, is made with gentle and nourishing ingredients that can help improve the health of your hair and scalp.

Why is mint and rosemary good for your hair?

Mint and rosemary are both known for their beneficial properties when it comes to hair care. Mint has a cooling and refreshing effect on the scalp, which can help soothe itchiness and promote hair growth. Rosemary, on the other hand, is believed to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, which can promote hair growth and prevent hair loss.


Making your own natural mint and rosemary shampoo is a great way to take control of what goes into your hair care products. By using gentle and nourishing ingredients, you can promote the health of your hair and scalp while avoiding the harmful chemicals found in commercial shampoos. Give it a try and experience the benefits of natural hair care!

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