Crafting Tea Blends

Crafting Tea Blends


Loose leaf tea blends are becoming extremely popular due to their ‘less-waste’ style (think no tea bags, tags, etc), and their many benefits for the body as they are pure plant leaves as opposed to some of the dust you get in conventional tea bags. I don’t know about you, but the tea from pure green tea leaves versus a green tea bag from a shop-bought brand is like drinking a different tea altogether! You can also customise your own tea blend specifically for your needs, and create a myriad of amazing flavours. Crafted tea blends make great, unique gifts as well. What’s not to love?


Blending Loose Leaf Teas

The plant kingdom is a large one, and as you can imagine there are hundreds of different dried botanicals and loose leaf teas to choose from. Each has their own unique properties and benefits so you do need to do some research if you are wanting to craft a medicinal tea.  

When building your tea blend, you can either make up a completely unique tea blend, or you can choose a ‘base’ tea such as Oolong, Pu’erh, black tea, green tea, Darjeeling etc and then add some extras to it.

Here are some great blends for different purposes to get you started on your tea journey!


Immune Boosting Blends

Immune boosting teas are a wonderful way to give your immune system a little boost and tea is a great comfort in the cold weather. There are many botanicals with exceptional immune boosting properties and we’ll harness some of them here.

Green tea and echinacea are potent immune boosters. Combined with a little chilli for a touch of heat, lemongrass as a tonic and aniseed which is great for any phlegm and coughs, this is a powerful tea.


Cold Weather and Flu Fighter Tea

1 tsp  aniseed

2 tsp  lemongrass

½ tsp  chilli

2 tsp  echinacea

2 tsp  peppermint


This tea is great for soothing a sore throat. The sage and liquorice fight inflammation and marshmallow is soothing.

Sore Throat Tea

1 tsp  sage

1 tsp  liquorice

1 tsp  marshmallow


One glance at this blend and you can tell it has great immune boosting abilities!

Immuni Tea

3 tsp  elderberries

2 tsp  peppermint

2 tsp  white willow bark

2 tsp  echinacea

2 tsp  feverfew


Here is a variation, also containing powerful immune properties.

Immuni Tea 2

3 tsp  echinacea

1 tsp  nettle

2 tsp  olive leaf

2 tsp  calendula flowers

2 tsp  hibiscus

1 tsp  dried ginger


Digestive Blends

Tea is actually a great way to combat digestive disorders, discomfort, improve the digestive process and just the general wellbeing of our tummies.


This tummy tea is packed with botanicals that are all great for digestion.

Tummy Tea

Makes 3-4 cups

2 tsp  fennel

2 tsp  peppermint

2 tsp  wild als

2 tsp  calendula flowers

2 tsp  lemon verbena


Ginger is a well known remedy for nausea and discomfort, and fennel is great for digestion, bloating and gas.

Tummy Tea 2

Makes 3-4 cups

2 tsp Oolong as a base tea

2 tsp  dried ginger or ginger pieces. You can also use fresh ginger but use a little less as it is strong

2 tsp  orange blossoms

2 tsp  ginseng

2 tsp  fennel


Sleep Blends

Certain botanicals are highly effective at calming the body and getting it ready for the sleep state.


This sleep tea is a stunning blend of flowers that will have you in dreamland in no time.

Sleepy Tea

Makes 3-4 cups

2 tsp  chamomile

2 tsp  lemon verbena

2 tsp  hibiscus

2 tsp  rose petals

2 tsp  lavender

More specifically for insomnia and sleeping disorders, this tea is very powerful.



Makes 2 cups

3 tsp  chamomile

1 tsp  passionflower

1 tsp  skullcap

1 tsp kava kava root

1 tsp  lavender



What better way to soothe a headache than with a calming cuppa. These botanicals all work together to relieve pain and stress.


Migraine Relief

2 tsp  feverfew

2 tsp  rosemary

1 tsp  sage

2 tsp  white willow bark

2 tsp  lavender


Flavour Blends

One of the most exciting parts about blending your own tea is all the different flavours you can create! Here are a couple to give you inspiration.


For those that enjoy a caffeine-free coffee, try chicory blended with some cacao, cinnamon and orange for an exceptional taste experience.

Herbal Coffee

3 tsp roasted chicory

1 tsp  cacao nibs

½ tsp  orange peel

½ tsp  cinnamon chips

Something different for the green tea lovers.


Fragrant Green & White Tea

2 tsp Chinese white tea as a base

2 tsp  green tea 

1 tsp  jasmine blossoms

½ tsp  spearmint 

½ tsp  orange blossoms


‘Chocolatea’ Blend

Makes 1-2 cups

1 tsp finely chopped choc chips - they will melt when you pour hot water over them

2 tsps  rooibos 

2 cm of vanilla pod

½ tsp of  cacao nibs

If you like a choc mint flavour, add in ¼ tsp  peppermint


Spicy Chai

Makes 2-3 cups

3-5 tsp black tea as a base

1 teaspoon  dried ginger 

½ tsp  peppercorns

2 sticks of  cinnamon bark

1 tsp cardamom

1 tsp  cloves

Sweeten with milk and honey


We hope you found these tea blends inspiring!


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Feel Good Blend:
Chamomile, Rose Petals, Orange Peel, Lemon Balm, Oat Straw, Lavender, Stevia

Before Bed Tea:
Hibiscus, Lemon Peel, Orange Peel, Rosehip, Rose Petals.

Licorice Mint:
Pepermint, Licorice Root, a dash of cloves.

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