Lemon Butter Creme - For Your Face!

Lemon Butter Creme


¼ c shea butter

1 T argan oil

4 drops lemon essential oil

4 drops tea tree essential oil

Whisk together till creamy and store in a jar. Massage a small amount on face and neck after washing.


Lemon essential oil can reduce oiliness, cleanse and tone all in one. It has astringent properties which tighten and reduce pore size as well as reducing excess oil production. It has a deep cleansing action (you may know lemon oil is an excellent and safe household cleaner, so imagine what it can do for your skin) and balances your skin’s natural pH.

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Hi Nikita, yes different skins can react differently to ingredients. You will need to do a patch test to ensure people aren’t sensitive to the lemon essential oil


is this recipe okay to use on sensitive skin or would you rather recommend a different recipe? can essential oils have and effect of somones with sensitive skin?


Hi Kgomotso, you don’t need to preserve anhydrous products but if you want to, I would recommend Euxyl.
You can find it here: https://essentiallynatural.co.za/products/euxyl-940-pe9010?pos=1&_sid=fd27ca68c&ss=r

You can also add an antioxidant such as Vitamin E oil


hi. just to ask..the oil and butter recipes, what prservatives do i need to use except using Geoguard? i hear there is no need but if i really want to what to use,i understand the Geoguard is mainly for water componets. thanks for the recipes will definitely make it


Yes please do try it :)

You can add in some geogard but it’s really not necessary as there is no water component.