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Buttermilk Powder

Buttermilk Powder

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Buttermilk powder is a wonderfully moisturising and soothing specialty ingredient. It is high in lactic acid, and extremely gentle on skin. It adds softening and moisturising properties to all kinds of products. Add it to soaps, bath products, facial masks, scrubs, bath bombs and so much more.

Why we love it: buttermilk powder is an ‘X factor’ ingredient that can really make your product a show stopper! It is simply fabulous for skin, lending a softening and moisturized feel.

Recipe idea: combine buttermilk powder with honey powder to make a 'milk & honey' bath milk soak

Sizes: 500g, 1kg & 5kg.

  • Buttermilk adds a soothing touch to personal care products
  • High in lactic acid
  • Adds skin softening and moisturising properties to products
  • Extremely gentle and suitable for all skin types
  • Adds a beautiful creamy lather when added to soaps
  • Add buttermilk powder to soaps, bath soaks, bath salts, bath bombs, foot soaks, scrubs, facial masks, lotion bars, etc
  • It can also be combined with dried botanicals and other dried powders such as oatmeal, other milk powders, cornstarch etc
  • Food grade
  • Reconstitutes in water
  • Note: being a dairy based product, buttermilk powder has a shelf life of 1 year (and this lifespan is often already eaten into by the time it gets to us from the supplier). So please ensure you use it up in good time!

In soap: 3-5%

In lotions and creams: 2-10%

For a milk bath: 75-100%

Pure buttermilk powder

Protein (min) 30%, fat (max) 4%, lactose (min) 50%

Warning: this product naturally contains lactose.

COA available for download here

Note: A Certificate of Analysis (COA) is a document sharing the outcomes of a scientific test. It helps us verify that a product meets the specified standards. These tests are conducted on product batches, so slight variations in results between different batches are normal. If the batch number on this COA doesn't match the one on the product you bought from us, please get in touch with us. This is just one recent instance. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Keep well sealed and store away from children, animals, moisture, sunlight and heat. If pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult with your medical care-giver before use.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Maryke K.
Buttermilk powder

Works like a bomb

Adriette C.
Loved it!

Loved it! It's my first time, making bath milk. It worked lovely and dissolved well . It did not have an odour. It left my skin feeling soft.

Franziska F.
Great product

This is the first time I have bought this product, especially for my eczema. I have added it to my bath and mixed it with oats & found it a wonderfully soothing bath!! Definitely to be repeated regularly (as much as water restrictions allow) for good measure I added ot to the ointment I mix for my eczema as well & find it really soothes the flare-ups. Thank you & thank you for your wonderful service ❤️


I've shopped with Essentially Natural for years. It hasn't always been smooth sailing - especially in the beginning years - but it seemed like they finally hit their stride in recent years.
However, I just had the most shocking shopping experience that has left an almost literal bad taste in my mouth: I was sent this buttermilk powder with just over 2 weeks remaining before the expiration. Basically, the same expiration of fresh milk for shelf-stable powdered milk.
BUT IT GETS WORSE: when I emailed them they said they are asking their supplier for an extension on the expiration date. Imagine! Getting an extension on the expiration of a food product.
This reminded me of an issue I had a few years ago with them - I was sent expired aloe vera - when I emailed them about it they said it was a misprint.
A time before this I was sent avocado butter that smelt rancid on arrival.
Essentially, it appears, Essentially Natural plays fast and loose with their expiration dates. You can't trust the expiration dates - they can be an extension from their supplier, a "misprint" or just old product. This has been happening for years and I am officially fed up. Just one too many dodgy expiration date related issues for my liking - with a refund policy of 3 weeks when you dare to complain. There are other players in the market, now, and I will be taking my money elsewhere.

Hello Tatum,

I hope you’re well!

Thank you for the feedback although, of course, we are very sorry that you are so unhappy. As on previous occasions it has been taken closely to heart. Conversations around natural products should be had openly and transparently – that’s very much what we stand for. And I have no doubt that once again we’ll learn from this, and grow better and stronger.

I recall each of the poor experiences you’ve referenced:

- While COA documentation was provided by the supplier in support of their date-mislabelling of the aloe gel – a human error – we exchanged it as we wanted you to be confident in the product.

- The avocado butter, with the rancidity concern, was uplifted and airfreighted directly to the supplier for quality control testing. While they couldn’t pick up on any problems with the product we didn’t hesitate to refund the purchase. Both their MD and I spoke to you and expressed personally our sincerest apologies to you as well. We all take these concerns seriously.

- Food Grade products are regularly retested by suppliers and date extensions provided where applicable. But again, we’re sorry and we completely understand your unhappiness with an approach that speaks more to cosmetic usage than that for consumption. The product was immediately withdrawn and we’ve arranged return and refund, again without any hesitation.

I’m relieved that you’ve been satisfied with all of the other products you’ve purchased over the years. But we hear you. I believe that we can now only express support for your preference to shop elsewhere in future – precisely because we wish you, as any customer, only the very best in quality products and customer service in the world of natural ingredients.

All of the best,


Luxurious and creamy

A dream bath with salts and essential oils!