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Dried Carrageen / Irish Moss Cut (Chondrus crispus) - Bulk

Dried Carrageen / Irish Moss Cut (Chondrus crispus) - Bulk

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Dried Irish Moss Cut, also known as Carrageen, is mainly used to treat cough and bronchitis. Also known for its gelling properties, in its powdered form it is often used as a thickener and stabiliser in milk products, i.e. ice cream and processed foods.

In skincare it can be made into a gel which can be used a hydrating facial mask, balancing the skin's microbiome.

Sea moss is popular in haircare as the gel made from it is deeply conditioning and hydrating, softening hair and making it more manageable.

Further reading: Irish Sea Moss

Sizes: 500g or 1kg.

This product is certified: Vegan and Food Grade.

INCI: Chondrus crispus
  • Often used as a thickener and stabiliser in milk based products
  • It is a mucilaginous and therefore sedates dry coughs and also gastric inflammation
  • Used to assist in the treatment of tuberculosis, coughs, bronchitis, gastritis, ulcers, intestinal disorders and cystitis
  • Use in skincare for its moisturising and hydrating properties
  • Balances the skin's microbiome
  • Use in haircare as a conditioning mask to make hair more soft and manageable
  • 100% Natural
  • Food Grade
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Wild harvested
  • Expectorant
  • Demulcent
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-irritant

Herbal Tea (deconcotion): Boil 0.30g for 10 – 15 min in 3 litres of water or milk. Strain and drink a cup at a time.

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