Further greening at Fisantekraal Primary

On what was recorded as the hottest day of the month, with temperatures soaring to a sweltering 38 degrees Celsius, The One Percent Movement demonstrated their unwavering commitment to creating positive change in an underprivileged community. Armed with determination and a passion for making a difference, we gathered at Fisantekraal Primary School to lend our green thumbs and hearts to our ongoing project to further green the school’s playground, affectionately nicknamed our “Garden of Faith”.

It’s incredible what can be done with very little: with our collective passion for gardening, cuttings and plants that were donated and a handful of volunteers, we managed to make steady progress! Enthusiastically, we added hardy succulents and fragrant herbs next to the trees that we planted earlier this year, turning a once barren area into a space filled with nature's wonders.

Through dedication and hard work, we are starting to transform an underprivileged school's bare garden into a beautiful and inviting space, hopefully providing the children and surrounding community with inspiration to learn, grow, and dream. After all, getting our hands dirty to help others can be a beacon of hope!

There is a lot more work to be done in the playground - we’re big dreamers! But we allow our ethos of small, positive change to guide us. One step at a time, we know that one day, our “Garden of Faith” will become a reality!


We would like to take a moment to thank our sponsors and volunteers, without whom this project could not have been possible: Pieter from De Smit Eksklusiewe Strukture, for donating much needed hardy plants. Ossiman, Rob and Alex, for sacrificing their valuable time and energy to come and help us do the dirty work.

school playground greening outreach project 001

Before: We decided to focus our efforts on the area closest to the school's parking area, since we believe it would make this biggest impact. We first had to wheelbarrow in piles and piles of good compost to give the plants the best chance of survival.

school playground greening outreach project 002

During: We carefully selected specific plants and cuttings to use. This area is unsheltered and can get extremely hot. Thankfully, we had a variety of succulents and hardy plants to work with.

school playground greening outreach project 003

Left: Ossiman our treasure - sporting a fantastic attitude and unquenchable energy, even in the incredible heat! Right: Juanita (The One Percent Movement), taking a breather in the wheelbarrow that she just pushed up the hill!

school playground greening outreach project 004

A definite improvement!!!

school playground greening outreach project 005

school playground greening outreach project 006

Our amazing team... Left to right: Rob Mortimer, Juanita and Alex. Front: Ossiman.


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