Lemon Butter Creme - For Your Face!

Lemon Butter Creme


¼ c shea butter

1 T argan oil

4 drops lemon essential oil

4 drops tea tree essential oil

Whisk together till creamy and store in a jar. Massage a small amount on face and neck after washing.


Lemon essential oil can reduce oiliness, cleanse and tone all in one. It has astringent properties which tighten and reduce pore size as well as reducing excess oil production. It has a deep cleansing action (you may know lemon oil is an excellent and safe household cleaner, so imagine what it can do for your skin) and balances your skin’s natural pH.

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Hi Marchelle, yes you can :)


Hi, can I use this as a face.moisturiser?

Marchelle Le Roex

Hi Faye, a preservative isn’t necessary in this product as it is anhydrous


how much and which preservative for your lemon butter creme face cream recipe and which preservative please advise

Faye Gounder