Beard Oils

Beard Oils


Looking for a great gift idea for the special man in your life? Beard oils are easy to make and full of nourishing oils for the best of beard conditioning treatments. Like shampoo bars, beard oils contain oils specifically for nourishing hair. Beards are exposed to the elements just like head hair, and need to be taken care of too. Tame frizziness, moisturise dry strands and the skin underneath, and enjoy the enticing aroma of essential oils with a handmade beard oil.

For those participating in Movember, beard oils can also be used to stimulate moustache growth, and keep hair soft and supple.


Carrier Oils to Consider

Beard oils consist of special carrier oils and essential oils. Here is a great carrier oil starting list:

Argan oil - a famous conditioning oil, argan oil is a popular addition to shampoos. It is nourishing and moisturising.

Jojoba oil - similar in composition to your skin’s sebum, jojoba oil is actually a plant wax. It is fabulously moisturising, preventing dryness and increasing softness and strength.

Fractionated coconut oil - a well known oil for hair, coconut oil is moisturising and contains high amounts of essential fatty acids and enzymes. If you use normal cold pressed, unfractionated coconut oil, it may solidify and turn into a beard balm instead! A small amount can be rubbed between the fingers to melt then applied to the beard.

Hazelnut oil - suitable for all skin types, hazelnut oil is less greasy, absorbs well and penetrates deeply.

Hemp seed oil - prevents brittleness and increases shine and manageability. It is also rich in essential fatty acids, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. An excellent moisturiser.

Avocado oil - soothes dryness and itchiness, deeply moisturising and improves skin health.

Sweet almond oil - a great all round oil, almond oil balances moisture loss and retention.

Grape seed oil - perfect for all skin types, grapeseed oil is soothing, lubricating and packed full of antioxidants and vitamin E.

Evening primrose oil - restores moisture, great for dry hair and skin.

Sesame seed oil - anti-inflammatory, moisturising and rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants.

Castor oil - protects and conditions hair. Castor oil is rich in palmitic, linoleic, stearic and oleic acids.


Essential Oils to Choose From

Base, middle and top notes scent combinations give a well rounded, full aroma. Top notes are the first fragrance you will smell, while middle and base notes make up the 'body' of the aroma.

Cedarwood - base note. Cedarwood is great as a hair tonic, and assists with bald patches.

Lemongrass - top note. The invigorating aroma makes it an ideal choice for a beard oil.

Peppermint - top note. Peppermint oil is stimulating and increases circulation, helping encourage hair growth. It also gives a cooling sensation.

Eucalyptus - top note. Eucalyptus is a decongestant so this might help clear blocked passages while also being stimulating and anti-inflammatory for the skin.

Clove - middle note. Clove is a mental stimulator and lends a warm, peppery aroma.

Orange - top note. Orange is a natural cleanser and increases shine, while giving a soft citrus, sensuous aroma.

Sandalwood - base note. Soothing and excellent for dry skin and hair.

Juniper - middle note. A toner with a fresh forest-like aroma.

Pine - middle note. Pine is stimulating and invigoratingly fresh.

Patchouli - base note. A wonderful astringent, patchouli adds a touch of sweetness.

Cinnamon - middle note. A warming, spicy oil that boosts circulation.

Bay - middle note. Bay has a masculine, spicy aroma, and is a great hair and skin tonic.

Vanilla - base note. The unmistakable, sweet, sensuous scent of vanilla is a favourite.

Chamomile - middle note. Calming and relaxing, chamomile soothes irritated skin.

Rosemary - middle note. Great for hair growth!

Lemon - top note. Lemon is refreshing and adds shine to hair.

Lime - top note. Lime has an invigorating, fresh scent.

Tea tree - top note. Tea tree has a refreshing aroma and is antiseptic and great for problem skin.


Try combinations such as cinnamint (cinnamon and peppermint), lemongrass and cedarwood, bay and lime, rosemary and cedarwood, or put your own special touch on and make up a blend! While beard oils are fantastic to whip up in the last minute gift rush, the longer the oils mingle together, the more the aromas mature and blend together. So make your beard oil gift ahead of time for the fullest aroma.


Recommended Beard Oil Use

  • 1 month growth: 3-4 drops
  • 1 - 3 month growth: 4-6 drops
  • 3 - 12 month growth: 6-10 drops
  • 12+ month growth: 10+ drops



Beard oils are so easy to make: simply blend together your desired carrier oils and essential oils in a pipette bottle. You can mix and match your oils to fill a 30ml or 50ml bottle, or try out some of the recipes below, adjusting the ratios as you see fit. Get creative and make your own blends!


Spicy but Nice

This is a large recipe - it will easily fill 6 x 50ml bottles. Simply reduce ratios to make less. It has a warm, spicy aroma.

30ml jojoba oil

150ml argan oil

150ml evening primrose oil

1 drop clove

2 drops orange

2 drops juniper

6 drops sandalwood

Measure out the oils and pour into a glass pipette bottle. Shake gently to combine.


Lemon-Lime Divine

This citrus - fresh blend will keep your beard shiny and conditioned.

12ml grape seed oil or castor oil

12 ml sesame seed oil

10 drops lemon

10 drops lime

30ml pipette bottle

Measure out the oils and pour into a glass pipette bottle. Shake gently to combine.


Cedarwood Mane

This combination is ideal for stimulating hair growth.

25ml jojoba oil or castor oil

5ml grape seed oil

8 drops cedarwood

2 drops rosemary

30ml pipette bottle

Measure out the oils and pour into a glass pipette bottle. Shake gently to combine.


Forest Cool

15ml sweet almond oil or hemp oil

15ml avocado oil

10 drops oregano

10 drops juniper

10 drops patchouli

8 drops pine

30ml pipette bottle

Measure out the oils and pour into a glass pipette bottle. Shake gently to combine.


Cinnamon Orange

7ml jojoba oil

22ml sweet almond oil

2 drops cinnamon

2 drops orange

2 drops tea tree

30ml pipette bottle

Measure out the oils and pour into a glass pipette bottle. Shake gently to combine.


Once you have your beard oil blend, simply stick on a funky label, tie some string around the top and place in a box with some straw for the perfect men's gift.