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    Truefood 100mgo New Zealand Manuka Honey

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    New Zealand Manuka Honey is used as a natural ointment for soothing sore throats, reducing gum inflammation and improvising your digestive system. Some have even begun to use Manuka honey to treat acne, aid in wound healing as well as relieve gastric ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome. This had lead to Manuka honey being hailed as a go-to germ fighter in an age of resistances to conventional antibiotics.

    New Zealand honey is a relatively new introduction to the natural world. It is the product of the New Zealand scrub plant, Manuka, from which it gets its name European honey bees were only introduced it to the area in the early 19th century. When bees pollinate from this Manuka plant, their honey is found to be more potent than standard honey bee honey. This is due to its higher concentration of methylglyoxal (MGO).

    Size: 200g with 100+mgo.

        • 100+ MGO (Methylglyoxal) grading
        • Contains natural antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and minerals
        • Promotes skin regeneration and smoothness, combating wrinkles
        • Can be used as an alternative to simple and complex sugars (great in tea).
        • Helps to boost the immune system
        • Soothes bleeding gums, mouth ulcers and stomach upsets
        • Aids in overall digestion
        • Helps to heal cuts, burns and rashes
        • Palm oil free
        • Comes in a recyclable glass bottle

          Use as a sweetener for your tea or smoothies

          Apply to skin directly and rub in for smoothing and regenerative effects

          If you’re applying honey on wounds at home, here are some general tips for application.

        • Always start with clean hands and applicators, such as sterile gauze and cotton tips.
        • Apply the honey to a dressing first, then apply the dressing to the skin. This helps to cut down on the messiness of honey when applied directly to the skin.
        • Place a clean, dry dressing over the honey. This can be sterile gauze pads or an adhesive bandage. An occlusive dressingis best over honey because it keeps the honey from seeping out.
        • Replace the dressing when drainage from the wound saturates the dressing. As honey starts to heal the wound, the dressing changes will likely be less frequent.
        • Wash your hands after dressing the wound.
        • Store in a cool dry area away from direct sunlight.

        100% Natural manuka honey infused with lemon.

        New Zealand

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 1 review
      Petro L.R.
      Sticky Miracle in a Jar!

      I had a lot of doubt buying Manuka Honey, as it is pricey - but now I know why!

      As part of my formulations, one specifically being called 'Sticky Miracle in a Jar Face Mask' with a carrier oil infused with saffron strands, I just had to
      try some on my own skin and whoa!
      My skin was so hydrated, super hydrated. My skin has a wonderful glow.
      This product has given me the final go-ahead in terms of formulating with it, and finally getting my 15mg jars together to decant it in.
      I was not sure if I wanted to roll out this Sticky Miracle face mask, but Manuka Honey convinced me!
      Now I can go ahead and get the production going - and cannot wait to see how beautiful it will look in my jars with the labels on.
      Thank you Essentially Natural for providing such an array of options, it adds so much to the creative process of skincare formulation!

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