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CFI Lactic Acid 80% - Food Grade

CFI Lactic Acid 80% - Food Grade

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Lactic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid with both exfoliant and humectant properties. It is produced naturally in the body (it's the stuff that gives you a ‘stitch’ during a workout) and is also found in yogurt and milk.

It can help stimulate collagen and strengthen the skin, which equals fewer fine lines and wrinkles. The hydroxy acids exfoliate the top layer of skin, helping smooth and even complexion, keep pores unclogged, brighten skin and even fade dark marks and discoloration.

Read more on how to work with it:  Working With Lactic Acid

Sizes: 1kg or 5kg.

This product is certified: Food Grade and Vegan.

  • Brightens a dull complexion
  • Humectant and skin firmer
  • Exfoliant
  • Improves skin tone and texture
  • Certified Food Grade
  • GMO-free
  • Vegan
  • Can be used as a pH regulator: lactic acid will lower the pH
  • Use in facial products and also body lotions and moisturisers, never directly on skin. Easy to use in liquid form.
  • Usage: 1-10% in the cool down phase of the formulation. Works well with hyaluronic acid and Vitamins A, B and C.

Lactic acid 80%

L-lactic acid

Simple Lactic Acid Serum

2.5%  lactic acid

97.5% water or  hydrosol of choice

Combine everything in a spritzer or pipette bottle. Lactic acid can get a little sticky so it is best to apply this serum under a moisturiser. Use up to 3 times per week. Use in the evenings as AHAs can make your skin sensitive if used often.  Read more about lactic acid and water based serums in our blog.

Keep well sealed and store away from children, animals, moisture, sunlight and heat. If pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult with your medical care-giver before use.

Lactic acid, though well tolerated by most skin types, can still cause irritation. Follow up with sunscreen if using in the morning/daytime, as any type of exfoliant can make your skin more susceptible to sunburn.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Ryan W.
Lactic Acid 80% PH Balance

Very good product for Ph balancing. good delivery time as well.
over all great service provided.
works for nicotine Ph balancing.

Best online so far.

Ordered online without any hustles, and the package arrived the next day.

Annetta H.
Face Masks

I use this in all my face masks. This product is 80% so it lasts forever when making a 2% solution. I also descale my fancy coffee machine which requires a lactic acid descaler.

Do patch test first

My order arrived quickly without hassles. I'd just like to stress to everyone buying this product to do a patch test on your skin first. I don't have sensitive skin, and I diluted this down to around 15% potency. My skin was fine at first but over the next 36 hours I experienced a very severe allergic reaction that landed me on a cortisone IV drip (My eyes were swollen completely shut, flaming red skin and really bad contact dermatitis) Turns out I'm allergic to Lactic acid. If I had done a patch test first and not put it all over my face, arms and chest right away, I could have avoided the whole ordeal. Be very cautious with any level potency acids :)


Super happy with the product came with a lil gift☺️Will definitely order again