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    Universal Vision

    Universal Vision Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp Natural Shape

    Your lamp comes with an electric lead with plug and a globe, so all you need to do is find the perfect spot, plug your lamp in, and switch it on to enjoy the wonderful glow and benefits.

    Please note that the lamps are a natural product and the size is determined by the weight, so the actual shape, dimensions and colours vary slightly. The colours range on a spectrum from a lighter pinkish white to a deeper pinky orange colour, depending on the concentration of the minerals.

    Sizes: Small, Medium, Large and XLarge.

    • Small: 2kg-4kg

      Medium: 4.1kg-6kg

      Large: 6.1kg-8kg

      Extra Large: 8.1kg-11kg

        Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps have been found to assist with the following:

      • Asthma
      • Depression
      • Electromagnetic radiation
      • Healing
      • Immune system
      • Improves sleep
      • Makes an excellent as night light for children (and adults!)
      • If there is a smoker in the family the salt lamp will help to clear the smoke from the air
      • Creates a comforting atmosphere when used in health spas
      • Creates a peaceful ambience when used in massage rooms
      • Helps to enhance alpha brain wave state when used during meditation

      The lamps require very little care and maintenance. If you want you can wipe your lamp intermittently, switch it off and wipe it with a slightly damp cloth. This is rarely necessary though, as the salt seems to be self-cleansing.

      If switched off for an extended period (a few days or longer), it is recommended that you cover the lamp with an air tight bag. This will ensure that the lamp is sealed off from the moisture in the surrounding atmosphere, keeping it dry.

      Himalayan Crystal Salt is highly hygroscopic, which means that it naturally attracts moisture from the air. With the lamp switched on, any moisture is consistently evaporated and does not have a chance to accumulate. However, if a globe goes or the lamp is left switched off, the moisture starts to accumulate, drip, create small pools of water and initiate a crystallization of the salt on the lamp and around the base.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Samantha V.N.
    Looove this

    Impressed so much so, I purchased 1 of each size. And it's definitely one of my go to gifts to give

    Juanita B.
    Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp Natural Shape

    Love it... Lamp is beautiful. It was delivered earlier then expected.

    I'm in love

    This is the first salt lamp I have ever owned. My husband and i just love it. Creates a beautiful calm in our lounge and the light is magnificent. It is as if I have the moon in my house. The service was incredible from Essentially Natural so pleased all round

    Rakhi s.
    Himalayan Salt lamp

    Excellent product enjoy the benefits off the himalayan lamp....felt it instantly.... Lovely it. Great service. Thanks alot. Keep up the amazing work.

    Candice B.
    Best purchase ever!

    I’ve been looking for a salt lamp, and this exceeded my expectations. My delivery was efficient and I couldn’t be more happier! Thank you Essentially Natural!

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