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Absolute Organix

Absolute Organix Fruit & Veg Spray (Organic)

Sizes: 500ml, 1L.

Absolute Organix Organic Fruit and Vegetable Spray is the all natural way to remove wax, agriculture chemicals and pesticide residues from your fresh produce. The spray has been formulated to destroy harmful bacteria, viruses, yeasts, mould and fungi, and to break-down surface pesticide residues as well as biofilms and waxes. It will also extend freshness. Simply spray, rinse and eat or leave the spray on to extend the freshness of your produce.


    • Hypo-allergenic, non-toxic and completely bio-degradable
    • Contains no artificial dyes, fragrances, preservatives, petroleum-derived ingredients or harmful chemicals such as chlorine, ammonia and triclosan, so it is safe for people and animals of all ages
    • Harmful bacteria and pesticide residues on fresh fruit and vegetables are a worrying reality we all have to face if we don't (always) have access to organic produce
    • Doesn't alter the taste of produce and has the added advantage of keeping fruit & veg fresher for longer


    Place fruit / veg in a colander and spray generously, ensuring that the entire surface area is covered. Allow to stand for approx. 2 minutes, then rinse and eat, or store/ refrigerate. Fruits with waxy coating should be rubbed while rinsing.


    • Purified water
    • Glycerin
    • Citrus Aurantium Amara (Bitter orange) fruit extract
    • Caprylic acid
    • Lactic acid
    • Yucca extract
    • Acetic acid
    • Absorbic acid
    • Lauryl glucoside
    • SD Alcohol 38-B

    The ingredients in this product are full biodegradable and have passed the scrutiny of the U.S Natural Products Association

    Manufactured in Australia, packed in South Africa


    Keep out of reach of children and avoid eye contact. If eye contact occurs, flush with water

    * Certified input for organic production (NAASA Australia )

    Please note: product images are for illustrative purposes and may differ slightly from the actual product.


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