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Lifematrix Magnesium Oil Transdermal Spray

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Sizes: 100ml, 250ml. 

Lifematrix Magnesium Oil Transdermal Spray is convenient, fast-working transdermal spray designed to assist with Magnesium intake, directly through the skin. Magnesium promotes serotonin, relaxes muscles and prevents buildup of lactic acid. It is also an electrolyte, so this magnesium spray is perfect for after-sports use!


    • While oral magnesium supplements can upset the stomach, transdermal applications ensure adequate intake to prevent deficiencies without any side effects
    • For muscle cramps, spasms, pains and stiffness
    • Promotes serotonin, relaxes muscles and prevents build-up of lactic acid
    • Perfect for after-sports use


    • Simply spray on and the fast acting solution is absorbed and soothes right away!
    • Can be used a massage oil
    • Can also be used as a mouth wash


    • Ultra-pure water
    • Pharmaceutical grade magnesium chloride
    • Mineral-rich Kalahari crystal salt
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