Why Going Natural Is Worth It

Why Going Natural Is Worth It


Natural and organic products often come at a more expensive price point than generic items one can purchase in the shops, but there are so many reasons why purchasing from and supporting a natural-ingredients-based business is better! 


There are typically two main reasons why people choose to go natural. The first is that natural products are better for our bodies, and the second is that they are better for the environment. But there are so many other reasons to go natural; let's unpack them.


Natural ingredients are better for you, and the environment. Natural means free of toxic chemicals and other nasties which can be absorbed into our bodies, washed down drains or end up polluting landfills and oceans. 


Pure, natural ingredients all have their own beneficial properties. Every natural ingredient has a purpose and beneficial properties of its own. In the natural ingredients sphere, there are no such things as pointless fillers, everything has a function. Whether it's a nourishing skin butter packed full of vitamins, an essential oil with therapeutic benefits, a plant oil full of antioxidants or a botanical with medicinal properties, natural ingredients really do have benefits, and they actually work. Best of all they can be combined to work synergistically together for a really high performance product. 


Natural products are less likely to cause skin irritation, and won’t contain irritating synthetic fragrances, colourants or other irritants. Many people turn to natural ingredients because their skins are irritated by the chemicals found in conventional products. Natural and plant-based ingredients tend not to irritate, but rather are gentle and have many beneficial properties which can even assist with problem skin.


Made with care. Many natural products are produced and promoted by small and medium businesses. Most artisanal items are individually handmade or batch made, plus there are usually so many stories behind the ‘why’ people make the products they make. Having a reason behind the business is an important driving factor which consumers can also relate to.


You can buy products that align with your consumer values. Conventional products often don’t take into account the various ethical considerations that conscious consumers may have. By shopping with a small business that produces natural products, you have a better chance of finding products that align with your values.


Small businesses by definition have a lower environmental impact than large scale manufacturers and companies.


Because small businesses have to work so hard to stand out from the masses of generic products, much care is put into their product formula, customer service, business ethos and values, packaging, delivery, etc.


Better sourcing practices. Because small businesses often have very high values, they put a lot of effort into sourcing the best quality ingredients and those that align with their ethos. Better sourcing practices usually means better for the environment as well.


Conventional shop bought products are mass produced, with ingredients that are usually of inferior quality and the majority will not be natural, organic or cruelty free. Marketing tactics will have consumers believe that the products do wonders for skin when in fact the ingredients list is filled with petrochemicals, parabens and other nasties. Smart consumers will know how to read the ingredients label and choose products with less harmful ingredients.


By supporting a local small business you are directly supporting livelihoods, rather than enriching the few in major corporations. The more we support local small businesses who are making an impact the more positive change we will be able to facilitate. 


You may even save money in the long run. Natural products have greater overall effectiveness. Store bought products are often designed to be used up quickly, requiring frequent replacing which costs more money; this is part of their money-making strategy. Store products typically contain very low concentrations of the ingredients that actually make a difference, costing you more money in the long run to get the desired results. Small batch, natural-based products are likely to contain far more actives and ingredients that actually work than generics found in the shops.


These are just a few very valid and real reasons why going natural is better, and we could go on all day. Going natural is actually quite empowering in a way; you are taking control of what goes into and onto your body and the environment.


Going natural is about caring. You care about what goes into and onto your body, and what goes into the environment. And the small businesses that create and promote natural products also care or they wouldn’t be doing what they are doing. But it's also about so much more. By caring and supporting the natural ingredients movement, we are impacting and influencing consumer culture, making positive changes in the industry and ultimately taking responsibility for the future. 


So the question is actually why  wouldn’t you want to go natural?

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