DIY Non-toxic Air Fresheners

DIY Non-toxic Air Freshener


Do you get hit with a wall of strong smelling chemicals every time you spray air freshener? While they do the job of covering up unwanted smells, chemical air fresheners really are quite an assault on the senses, not to mention extremely polluting for the environment. Fortunately, Mother Nature has a huge range of scents in essential oils, plus they have added aromatherapy benefits! Say goodbye to fake smelling, overly perfumed, toxic air fresheners and rather make your own using simple and natural ingredients found around the home. Save yourself money and most importantly, save the environment from a whole lot of unnecessary toxic chemicals. And they don’t just have to be for masking unwanted odours or freshening a room; create an air spray for bedtime calmness and spray in the kid’s rooms, give your cat a magical experience by spraying a catnip scented spray, create a spray for focus and concentration while working or studying, the list is endless!

Let's get making:

Firstly, choose a pretty (and reusable) glass bottle from our  spritzer range. We have clear, amber or blue glass to suit any room style.

Next, you will need a ‘base’ for your scent. Usually this is something that won’t spoil too quickly such as alcohol or a saline solution. You can also use witch hazel. You can then add in any combination of your favourite essential oils to make your scented air freshener. Shake and spray - as easy is that!



Himalayan salt and water solution. Boil 1 cup distilled water and dissolve in 1 tablespoon of  himalayan salt. Leave to cool then add a preservative and your essential oils. 


Alcohol: use  isopropyl or ethanol alcohol at a ratio of 1:4 with water; so one part alcohol to 4 parts water. Use distilled or filtered water. The benefits of using alcohol are that it helps the essential oils blend with the water, dries quickly and the use of a preservative is not necessary.


Witch hazel is a good natural base but is slightly more expensive. Fill up your bottle with pure witch hazel then add your essential oil blend.


Once you have chosen and made up your base, you can add your essential oils. Because essential oils all have different potencies, it is rather hard to give a definitive usage amount of essential oils to say, 100ml of base. So go by testing the scent until it is strong enough for your liking. For instance I made up a 50ml spray bottle using about 12 drops of essential oils.


Because essential oils and water do not mix, you may find some separation occurs. This problem is easily mitigated by simply adding a drop or two of  vegetable glycerine, which helps the essential oils blend in and then shaking the bottle before spraying. But you can also use a  solubiliser so as to not have any separation issues with the essential oils and water. Use a 1:3-5 oil to solubiliser ratio. Mix oil and solubiliser first until clear and no longer milky, then add the water. If you are using alcohol as a base, separation won't be a problem.


If you are making up a large quantity of natural air freshener you may want to include a  preservative to prevent any possibility of bacteria growing. 


These air freshener blends are safe for children and pets as the essential oils are used in small proportions, heavily diluted and only a small amount is dispersed with each spray. 


Scent Inspiration

Floral Flutter -  geraniumclary sageroselavender


Bedtime Calm -  chamomile and  lavender


Citrus Fresh -  lime/lemongrapefruitsweet orangebergamot


Chai Spice - any combination of the following:  sweet orangenutmegcinnamonblack pepperclove budvanilla/benzoin


Minty -  spearmintpeppermintlemongrasslimerosemary


Deodorising, Cleansing & Antibacterial -  tea treelemoneucalyptus


Concentration -  rosemarybasil  and  peppermint


Great on their own: classic  lavender, refreshing  grapefruit, sweet  vanillaylang ylangpatchouli, intoxicating  jasminerosemary and  vanilla, or any of your favourite scents.


Specially for cats, but also calming and useful for anxiety, insomnia and as an insect repellent:  catnip essential oil.


There's no excuse to use chemical laden air fresheners when making your own natural ones is this easy!